Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Local First Saves! yet again

So...I love Pottery Barn as much as the next person! I get lots of inspiration from them! However, today...while perusing their website, fell into the floor, when I saw something 99% like we're selling here in the store, for 8x the price!
Tied vintage books! I mean....if you've been in, you know we love books, and we love groupings of them tied together! So much so, we started selling them in the store a few weeks ago. FOR $5 A STACK.
Pottery Barn is selling them for $39 a bundle!
Now in all fairness, their books are glued shut, our pages are still free, so you could actually untie and read the book if you would like! What a thought, lol! If it was that important to have them glued shut, I would get out the Elmers! Local first saves!

A boy can dream.....part 2

So, as I wonder through kitchen after kitchen for divine inspiration... I had to share! First I have to admit, that no... I am not a really good cook. I actually hate to cook, the idea of dirtying up dishes only to have to wash them too...well, it's not high on my priority list. LOL. HOWEVER, if you have a kitchen like any of do you NOT cook!
I simply adore coffered ceilings...and then put that with tongue and groove! OH...i'm in the floor! The only way to even take this a little more over the edge is to paint it the haint blue color! In case you don't know anything about "haint" blue, in southern areas like Savannah, Charleston, etc, people painted their ceilings on their porches this color because it would keep evil spirits away! Totally adorable.
As you'll notice, I'm also fascinated with white cabinetry. There is just something about the crispness that I could eat!
In the next image, again we have a coffered ceiling with the tongue and groove yet again, but I love how they placed the lights and the intersection of the coffered panels. I love how the lines take your eyes to the beautiful stackstone fireplace! What a wonderful hearthroom!
Aside from that, can we discuss all the windows and french doors with transoms! Of course, you would have to have a back yard to look at....but I would be fine looking at weeds if my kitchen/hearthroom looked like that!
When it comes to cabinets, I like Shaker style doors. The simpler the better! I would rather have fab handles or pulls!
But of course we also can't forget about the sink!
There'll be no stainless steel sink for me@! OH NO!!!

Look at these porcelain apron sinks! OH......once again I'm in the floor!

What I also love about these sinks, is that they actually look like they are a part of a piece of furniture! Look at those "turned leg" details! Edible I tell you! Also note the silver pulls. I simply love those! I have those in my kitchen now, but they just don't look as good as these!

Last, but NOT LEAST. There is so much about this last kitchen I don't know where to start! I love EVERYTHING about this one! I love the classic detail with modern details! The bar stools are part of my favorite details. A modern take on a vintage look! The one thing I'm a little concerned about though you really need two islands? I little as I cook....I don't even think I would use 1 to it's fullest purpose!

Regardless, I guess I can dream of kitchens to be had. Poor Maxine (my realtor) have your work set out for you! :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Who's Shady?

A few weeks ago on my Kentucky Monthly Blog "Homegrown Design", I discussed how you can start to update your space by changing out lamps! Well, here's another alternative...CHANGE OUT THE SHADE! BURLAP
Seen to the left is an image from Pottery Barn, the lamp is beautiful, however it's also $250+. However you can just switch out the shades and creat the same looks on lamps that you have in your house FOR A TON LESS!

We just got in burlap drum shades in different sizes, includes chandelier size! They are a must buy for the value! Come and see us!
UPDATE: The chandelier size shades have already SOLD OUT today! That's right...we got them this morning! We can and WILL reorder, if interested, please contact the guys at the store @ 859.523.3933

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Can Do It!

A while back a wonderful customer, Nancy Thomas, emailed me this image of what she had created at her front door! She simply filled a standing basket with tree limbs and bark, nestled in some fern, and then finished it off with several nest with eggs! How great is this!

This is a great example of how simple can be beautiful! See you really can do it! If you've created something at home and would like to "show it off", please feel free to email images to jeremy at jeremy@jsd-designs, or if you're on Facebook, you can post them there!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Floral Eggstravaganza

I am simply loving all of the flowers that are popping up in everybody's yard! I almost wept when I realized that Granny's Flowering Almond had finished blooming for the year, but fortunately for me, her beautiful pink dogwood is completely brilliant right now! I thought I would share some florals that have inspired me for Spring! Maybe you could even use them for your Easter tables this weekend. And don't forget, if you love something you see, but feel you can't produce it, we can always make it for you! Fresh !



Monday, April 11, 2011

Hoops of Color!

Sometimes....we just need an alternative to art work. I love beautiful pieces of art as much as the next person, but every now and then I find myself wanting something else! Today I stumbled on this craft project that I thought was a great idea. I know there's been many times where I've walked into a fabric store, and can find a fabric that I fell in love with, but don't have a clue what to do with, OR it's so expensive, that I can't buy a ton of yardage. is the perfect solution to small yardage creating high impact.

Materials that are needed:

  1. Embroidery hoops of any size

  2. Square of fabric at least 2" bigger than any embroidery hoop.

  3. Scissors

  4. Elmer's Glue


  1. Place fabric in hoop, pull taught.

  2. Turn to wrong side, run a line of glue on inside ring close to fabric

  3. Press fabric into glue all of the way around

  4. Allow glue to dry

  5. Cut excess fabric off

We're going GLOBAL....well kind of, lol

It's been in the works for some time now, but it's official! We have an online store!!!!! There are a number of items on there now ranging between handmade burlap pillows as well as soaps, candles, and a few other items! You can visit the site here: There is a clickable link off the regular website as well! Also available on our online store, you can order Gift Cards! They are available in $25, $50, and $100 (however, if you come into the store, you can get a gift card at any price!). Need a giftcard, but aren't going to have the chance to stop by the store and deliver it? No worries, we'll even mail the giftcard to your recipient! We try to make it as easy as possible! Make sure you visit the online store soon! We are planing on adding and changing items all of the time! It's only been up a few days, and believe it or not, we've already had orders from South Carolina, Arizona, Florida, and a few other states!