Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our new lamp!

I just love it. My favorite thing about this lamp is being to fill it
with anything and it looks great. Currently it's filled with pages
ripped out of an old book! Fab!

I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! here's another reason I love technology! It's a Saturday morning, I'm still laying in bed (don't judge, it's 1015am), and I'm able to post to this blog by text message! I don't have to sit down at a computer to post anything anymore.

I'm so excited! Because this means we're going to be able to post and communicate with you all with a touch of some buttons on my phone! Whether we see a "must have something", or just finished a floral arrangement for one of you, or whether we just met the Queen of England (which some say is Stuart's sister) we can get it to you quickly! Another exciting feature we are planning on bringing to you from "house"!