Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you want have to earn it kids....

At least that's what Dwayne told his they're providing us with Handmade Chocolate Candies for Easter! Here's the note that Dwayne gave me about his kids and the candy!
EASTER CANDY: HANDMADE by Ian and Chloe (with very close supervision)
"If you want it, you have to earn it!"
The kids were wanting to have money for the trip planned this summer, and well...nothing is free! So Kathy and I realized that we were given an opportunity to teach a life lesson! So they are making handmade chocolate candies for easter, and selling them in our store to earn money for the trip! Also realizing they needed to give back/pay it forward, the kids decided without a second of thought that they were going to give part of their earnings to help the Red Cross to help all of those suffering in Japan.

The chocolates are available in limited quantities in the store until Easter, ALTHOUGH we are taking orders on the chocolated candies for people. Lists are already growing, so don't waste any time, they're small children and can't produce them out like Hersheys! What are the kids providing? Pure, Solid Chocolate Bunnies (in 2 sizes, above is the smaller $1 bunny, below is the $2 larger bunny) as well as chocolate suckers for $0.50 each! By the way they are good! I've eaten some of their profits - sorry kids! ;)
You can call the store at 859.523.3933 to order you chocolates.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Boy Can Dream....of Laundry Rooms

So in my dreams of growing up and getting the house of my dreams, strangely enough....the laundry room is just about as important to me as the living quarters! A client of ours has what we call the "Taj Mahal" of laundry rooms, and it's to die for....did I mention that it has 3 large chandeliers hanging above the granite island in the middle of the room? I'm happy for her...but what about me! I'll have that someday too...right? A boy can dream I guess.
I recently came across this photo of this old galvanized bucket turned into a sink in a laundry room, and immediately started foaming at the mouth. Paired with the faucet, subway tile, and plantation was almost too much for me to handle!!!

Unfortunately for me, this has now been added to the list of things needed when buying our next house. Our poor realtor Maxine. I realize that most likely I will have to update the room into something like this, but I have to have the room to do it first!
I also came across the lower photo, and also adored it. I love the use of the picnic table in the middle as the island! Now I need even more room! My question for this home owner is....HOW MANY WASHERS DO YOU REALLY NEED?! I think they might have went a little over board if they aren't parents of 15 children or so. Who could have been the Octomom's, but then's white and too clean for her herd of children, lol.
Who would have thought I would be so obsessed with laundry rooms! I mean, I haven't washed clothes in almost a month! I guess maybe I should start practicing that now huh?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Putting it all together!

I know that sometimes I see things in a store, and love how it's displayed or used, but then when I get home, I'm not completely sure how to utilize what I bought in my space (yes it happens to us too!). I wanted to show how somethings we had in the store, resulted in a home!

Here you see a beautiful three tier stand paired with things to work in the kitchen. Having a newly bought item be beautiful, affordable, and functional are the trifecta of home design!

On the top shelf you see a collection of old vintage silverware passed down through the family tied with twine. Every time these are seen it reminds of special people who are no longer with us.

On the second tier, items used in cooking are stored in old mason jars. Anytime you can put food in a container to be displayed, you've hit the jackpot!

On the bottom tier, our numbered galvanized pots have been utilized to grow herbs by the window! So adorable, and notice our wired burlap ribbon that was wrapped around just to add an extra detail. Lastly, notice our Colonial Candles taper candles wrapped simply with the same burlap ribbon!~ Let's face it. There's something about candles in groupings that are magical, and when they're beautiful....why NOT have them on display and easy access!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yet again.....Local First...

So it appears that once again, I have stumbled on an item that we have in our store, for considerably less! This Single Ball Topiary on will cost you $49. We just got them in the store today for $13.95

I have to tell you, I'm not purposely looking out for items that we have in our store! It just seems to keep happening! Which is showing me that "yes you can get high quality stuff local, and for less money!". Now I must say that the pot with our topiary is not white, it's a brown finish pot which is very similar, but....I don't know about you...but I'll save my $35 and paint the pot white if I have to have a white pot!

We've Done It Again.....CHEAPER!

So while shopping around on, I found this lovely chalkboard heart for around $36! Which is wonderful and all.....except we once again have it in our store for considerably cheaper! How's $14.95?
I have to admit that as a small business owner, it can be quite overwhelming to feel the pressure of having to combat with larger companies, however each and everytime I stumble upon an exact item for less money in a local store, it makes that feeling go away bit by bit!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shopping Local First Saves!

I just got in the new Ballard Designs catalogue and was amazed when I turned to page 10! There I found these great resin entomology wall plaques, THAT WE HAVE IN THE STORE RIGHT NOW!
The real kicker!? Ballard Designs is selling them for $25 (originally were $39), HOWEVER you can get them at house for $10.95! That's right! $10.95!
This only reinforces why I look local first!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Take the Boys Home!

It seems that everday we are asked, "do you decorate/design people's homes?" It turns out that although we thought most new, there are many out there who still don't know that YES, WE DO.

Our website will be relaunching soon with an altered look and on it will be some video examples of some of the many works we have done. The picture seen here is a master bedroom that we have complete rehauled! It's simply beautiful! She's classic, but with an updated taste! And she simply adores her new master bedroom, she actually calls it, Club Bed!

We do as much or as little as you need. Consultations, color selections, furniture and fabric selections, custom builtins, reupholstery, tile and kitchen remodel, or if you just need to know what to keep and what to start over with! Don't be afraid to call! We won't bite! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who says monochromatic is boring?!

Most of the time if you visit the store, and there's a floral arrangement that is basically monochromatic, I did it. There's just something about mixing the textures of one color that just fascinates me!

Even though this arrangement is all pink, look how rich everything is! The callas give this radient glow against the soft yet sturdy hyacinths, and the gerber daisies and tulips just nestle in behind like little soldiers! So pink....but SO rich!

By the way, note in the foilage, the pink edges! love it

A measuring cup...LITERALLY!

I just simply love this photo! I found it recently in someone's blog, and just thought that it was the best idea! What do you do with those left over cups where all of the rest are broken! Use it as a "measuring" cup!

I always love thinking outside of the box for how to use stuff, and this is a little more "thinking outside the cupboard@!" lol